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This is a very crucial step, but we realize that no one wants to sit down at a computer, or cellphone to fill out an application. The information that you provide is a must to market you to other marriage-minded singles; we understand that it is tedious. The reality is that online dating truly exposes you for what's truly inside of you, revealing your heart, your soul, your faith, and your yearning for a future soulmate. It is the beginning of a quest for a man or a woman, to ultimately reach engagement, than marriage. We are the best site for online dating, because we encourage new members to take their time, fill out the application as much as they can; by doing so it can bring better compatibility when it comes to matching you with other singles. By posting the best possible pictures, and videos - ones that truly represent you - it allows you to sit back, while God selects your soulmate. Try widening your horizon when it comes to boundaries and limits; looking locally versus other states, and countries. Lose control, and let God select your future spouse, anywhere in the world.

It's easy to join, we have four packages to choose from. All you have to do is simply fill our the registration form, followed by the questionnaire - a short site tour shortly after registration will get your familiar with the website, and will show you how to get started.

Starting off as a free "silver" member, you can jump right into the website and start searching for your soulmate. Even though this tier is very limited, we recommend checking out one of our wonderful "paid" memberships - unlocking even more wonderful features that this website has to offer. As a paid members, you will be able to communicate with other members, search for anything of interest, and use all website features with no limitations. If you want to see what each membership package has to offer, click here to find out more. we strive to ensure that all your personal information is strictly confidential, and will never fall into the hands of third parties. We are a Christian organization, and the privacy of our members is our highest, and most sacred priority. 

Your Profile
Read the page titled "Posting a Perfect Profile" this will help you to create a winning profile, and attract more attention to yourself.
Your profile will consist of questions about:

  • Your faiths or beliefs.
  • Your physical features.
  • Your social backgrounds.
  • Your like minded interests.
  • Your characteristics of your future spouse.

With the VIP package, you will be able to include up to 10 different photos, and up to 30 seconds of video in your profile, and share them to people that view your profile. We provide you with expert advice on everything from - how to post a compelling photo, to how to write a catchy headline for your profile. Answer all 125 questions thoroughly, giving a complete description of yourself, and your perfect soulmate. Tell the truth in your profile, it'll never end well with a lie. This dating site is for people with the intent to get married. Believe it or not every question in the application is designed to help both parties in making that life decision. 

Our Features Are Constantly Growing - Here Are Just A Few. 

Group Chat

Upload Photos


A network of people you can chat with; possibly even find a friend.

Upload your best photos in order for other singles to see how stunning you are.

Message 1-on-1 with other members.

Want to become a paid member? There are many more features that you are missing out on! They are easy to use, and will help you navigate through the site, making your dating experience a lot more fun and exciting.

Profile Blocking

With this small feature, you can block any member that might be contacting you and have them not show up in search results


"Wink" to members with whom you want to initiate with

Basic Search Results

Members Online

Generated results based on members age, and location

Helps you locate members who are online at the same time as you. Paid members can chat instantly

Advanced Search Results

Birthday Wishes

Allows users to search for members with greater detail, even helping you receive only focused results

Shows all members that are celebrating a birthday that week, giving you a great chance to send them a Happy Birthday e-card, or a message

Welcome New Members

Break The Ice

Shows the profiles of members who just recently joined the website

Allowing you to initiate contact by sending them an ice breaker. These are templated messages that are ideal for the start of any online relationship is an online dating website for people who are looking to date for marriage. We don't want any flings, one night stands, or any casual hookups. We promote honest, and loving relationships throughout. We provide you with all of the tools you need to help you find your true soulmate. The most crucial part to becoming successful in your search is your mindset - it needs to have a firm belief that you will find that special someone. You will have to practice patience, and trust in the Lord's timing. Pray to him, our Lord and Savior to lead you to your right soulmate.

"Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord."
Psalm 27:14

Your Safety is Our Priority
All new members are approved by a dedicated team to ensure online safety for not only the new users, but also for the returning members as well. We implemented several safety measures to provide a safe and happy environment so you can stay focused on finding your soulmate.

Sharing Vital Information
We do not divulge your information to other members or a third party. Only members themselves can share their personal information such as their full name, personal email address, or contact information with other members. Members can also hide their profiles, block particular members from contacting them or appearing on their search results.

Approval & Profile Screening
We have a dedicated system in place that checks all incoming new membership applications for possibilities of fraud, or scams. We ensure that all profiles follow with our Terms Of Use, and Membership Guidelines. Our team of customer service agents, work diligently to review each profile, for acceptance, and denying the profiles that violate our Terms or Guidelines.

Don't Rush, Take Your Time
While searching for the right person, be sure to take your time, and not rush into something that might get you into trouble later down the road. Get to know that person first, exchanging strings of message, through our website before giving out personal information. If the person is serious about finding a life partner, he or she will respect that. 
Membership Required
You can view our website as a visitor, however in order to start interacting with our members - we require all visitors to sign up and join our site. We ask that you take a look at our Terms of Use - make sure you agree with them, and post at least one photo to your profile. This is to ensure that people that view your profile are single, over the age of 18, and are serious about dating.
Educate Yourself
Over the years, we have compiled a large amount of information designed to educate our members in regards to the safety of online dating. We encourage users to review that information to have a safe, and fun dating experience without minimalizing the opportunity of finding your true soulmate. Please remember that the number one safety tip I can give you is - use common sense, and always trust in your instincts.