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Online Dating Safety

To ensure online safety, all members are approved through a 125 question questionnaire that they filed out upon registering for the website. We have implemented several safety rules, and guidelines that we strictly enforce to provide our members with a safe online environment. We have implemented a manual approval process for every member, to ensure the quality of the community. However, we do not provided any background checks on any of our members. Members are suggested to do a criminal background check on the member that they are interested in - at an appropriate time, of course. Just like in conventional dating, online dating requires the user to use a bit more common sense to be safe. Some very important rules of online dating are: 

Don't Rush Into It

Protect Your Anonymity

Do not rush into meeting someone right away after just a few messages. Get to know that person first, make sure to ask important questions, take a look at their photos, and video. If you are sensing that something is not quite right; keep asking questions until you are truly satisfied with their answers. Sometimes the key is to have patients, beginning your communications via email or chat. 

You may have fun interacting with other members on the website, but please do not include any of the following context when you are engaging with other members. Full name, email address, home address, workplace, phone number, or any other identifying information about yourself. When you do decide to make the transition from communicating offsite, it is best to use a separate email address - they are free to make - Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, just to name a few. 

Gods Is In Control

Listen To Your Instinct

Always remember, no matter what - God is in constant control of your online experience. You can remain anonymous until you are comfortable with that person. If you decide to meet in person, it is always best bet - let someone know who you are with, and where you are going. Always pick a public place, and always have transportation to and from the meeting place.

Rule number one, trust your instincts. If anything makes you uncomfortable, end the communication. See something that is too good to be true? Don't doubt yourself, cause it could be just that. If you do find anything suspicious, or any unusual activities please don't hesitate to contact us.  

When Meeting In Person, Use The Following Precautions

Always meet in a populated public place and remain in the public eye. Do not go to his/her home; do not go to any secluded locations.

Always inform a friend or relative on the where bouts of yourself, and what time you should return. Make sure they contact the police if they don't hear from you, and you can't be reached by that time.

No mixed drinks. While a glass of wine is okay - try and stay sober to maintain good judgement about potential danger.

Provide your transportation to and from the first meet up point. 

Hold on to your stuff! Don't loose sight of them.

Dating and Sexual Assault / Rapes

While we provide the approval of all new members that join this dating site. We do not offer any background checks of the new member. Unless you have investigated the member, you should never get into a serious relationship. You should always presume that the person you want to meet, has a criminal record, or is on a sex offender list. When meeting for the first time, always include a family member, or a friend to join you for a few months until you feel sure about that person. Single Commitments Corp and it's websites, including this one, are being held harmless against any damages for any rape, or sexual assault charges, resulting from a date - review our Terms of Use.

Avoid Falling Victim Of A Sex Crime, Follow The Tips Below

Never meet in private unless you are close to engagement.

Any sexual gestures or languages - take these seriously.

No mixed drinks. While a glass of wine is okay - try and stay sober to maintain good judgement about potential danger.

If you are being harassed, solicited, or forced into something. Call the police!

Use common sense. If any red flags come up, kindly and politely end your date.

Always meet in a populated public place and remain in the public eye. Do not go to his/her home; do not go to any secluded locations.

We recommend for members to use these official sites to run searches in 50 states before dating


Learn How To Spot A Scam and Avoid It

If you encounter someone trying to ask for money, or is up to no good - don't hesitate - report them immediately. To be safe, and not become a victim, follow these steps below

You receive a message from a member offering you money - never accept anything from someone that you don't know.

You receive a message from another member, they are stating that one of their relatives has died. This is a typical scam. - another spin off of this is, that they inherited a large sum of money, and now they need a bank account to transfer the money.

The person contacting you is significantly younger.

A few simple scams that people need to watch out for - Can you send me money for a Visa arrangement? Can you buy me a ticket to fly to you? Can you help me pay my internet bill? Help, I have an urgent surgery, etc. These situations can come up, only after a few tender messages.

They quickly state that they have fallen in love with you, insisting that you have made a dramatic change in their lives.

You look at a member's profile, it states that he/she has a great educational background; with a Master's Degree - yet there are a large number of spelling errors. 

When a member states they live in the U.S.A., U.K., or Australia - but they have gone to work overseas. Most common locations that they "work" at are Ghana, or Nigeria, - generally in Africa - but they claim that they will be coming home soon.

Remember - a scammers story can get very emotional; they try and gain sympathy, and affection from their victims.