You must post at least one photo to be accepted as a member. Your main photo, or video must be of you, and no one else. VIP members are required to post at least a 20 second video to their profile.

We recommend all photos should be 250x250 pixels in size; too small of an image will cause the photo to look fuzzy.

When scanning a photo, make sure all the empty areas around you are cut out. This will make the photo seem larger, and the file size will be smaller. 

File size for photos can't exceed 10MB.

Your main profile photo has to be recent, and distinct. If needed, use the crop tool when uploading your photo.

All photos should be in the following formats only - GIF, PNG, or JPG.

If you photo, or drawing that you are trying to upload is blurry, suggestive, contains personal contact information, or any copyrighted materials - it will be subject to removal.

If you are having trouble with uploading, editing, or resizing your image, don't hesitate to email us the photo, and we can help you out.