ABOUT US is one of the pioneers of online dating. We started operations in the year 1997 under for the last few years, we have redirected our efforts to build a much better website, tailored for the sole purpose of matching singles with the intent to get married. We welcome singles from all walks of life and any religion to find their soulmate and date with the full understanding of "sex after marriage, and not before." This site is only for "marriage-minded singles." 

tWe have seen many dating sites that have come and gone with no success. The only thing that stays consistent with us is our dedication with matching singles who seek marriage. With people of faith, there is a strong desire to seek out a meaningful relationship, one with true meaning and weight behind it - not just a few dates that you can fill your weekend up with. Our goal is to connect like minded singles - singles with the same dating goal, to find a spouse. Ever since creating our first dating site, we have strived to provide an online dating service for marriage minded individuals. We believe that a little bit of faith and destiny - that those two things are the true cornerstones of a long lasting relationship. Faith only, will provide a strong foundation for an unbreakable bond between a man and a woman. 

With the vast amount of online dating services out there, we are proud to be a heterosexual dating site. As of lately, it has become very difficult for singles to find like minded soulmates. This is why our main goal has become - connect singles only for marriage. Based on the research from the input from our members preferences, we have perfected our services to provide you with an invaluable slew of tools to find your life partner. We have simplified the search for our members by offering a website for singles with similar goals and interests in their personal life. We do most of the qualifying for our members via an 125 question questionnaire that you fill out during the application process. Serious questions you would ask your date are embedded in the application to weed out uncommitted individuals. We have a strict, and thorough approval method to ensure a well harmonized community of singles, that want to be matched. is a part of a global network consisting of websites that provide singles around the world access to many resources to improve not only their personal life, but also their social life. We perform by faith - striving to provide the best services possible for our members. We are always working hard to keep this website up to date and always improve the quality of the site. We welcome your opinions and suggestions.