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Dating sites typically do not cover how to write an award winning dating profile, the thing is - we do! Please read our "Membership Guidelines" before completing your profile. Here are a few tips, we discovered in order to have a successful profile.

Write About Yourself

Members have the advantages of reading user profiles, take a look at their pictures, and learn a thing or two about them before meeting. Define your character and personality in great detail. Do not use phrases like, "I am a nice guy" "I am handsome or beautiful" or "I have materialistic possessions.: - there is no one to impress.

Tell The Truth

The truth will set you free. We don't have a lie detector to search every member for false information on their profiles. We expect that as new members, you are going to be presenting the truth about yourself. 

In questions such as:

"What is your marital status?"
"Do you attend church?"
"Do you read the Bible?"
"Do you drink or smoke?"
"Your height and weight?"

Please be honest with the facts. We feel like if any member were to lie about any of the above questions, then he or she will probably lie about other things as well. You can still tell the truth, and still look good by declaring your commitment to gradual improvements.

About Yourself And Your Soulmate

Tell them about the "real" you. Do not write about any bad prior relationships, your failures in life, or your needs or wants. Stay positive, when you are describing your perfect soulmate, state the characteristics clearly. Be upfront and honest about what qualities you can tolerate, and the ones you can not tolerate. Turn in - listen to your heart, and spirit as you write from the heart. 

The Most Important Thing - Picture

Your photo is one of the most vital elements to your profile. Experts have a couple of strict rules to follow. For men: We don't care how well built you are - keep your shirt on. For women: no bikini shots. We will remove any revealing photos, and on top of that - you'll be receiving a lot of emails - likely from guys that you don't want to meet. Avoid wearing sunglasses or hats, they make it look like you are trying to hide something. Dark, brooding shots - usually don't portray the best shots. Smile. People try way too hard to take a photo - they want to look very professional, but you want to look like someone people want to spend time with. Happy people attract other like minded individuals. Be careful on what kind on what kind of photos you post, avoid the classic bar shot - with a drink in your hand, repetitive shots of you wearing the same clothing, etc. Be careful when you are cropping photos out for your profile, you don't want the hand of your former partner to be in the shot. The concept is a lot like going to a video store, people walk through the aisles, when they see a cover that looks interesting, they flip it over, and read the back. With our website, the photos are the cover, and the profiles are the back. Would you be noticed? Having a picture posted to your profile will make a big difference - usually profiles without photos get skipped by users. Posting a picture in your profile, is not to show others how beautiful you are, but its meant more for you to connect with other members. We discourage members from judging a user by the photos, and encourage them to pay more attention to the profile instead.

How Vital Is The Distance Between You, And Your Soulmate

Some members are always under the impression that they should meet someone just in their local area. They go as far as putting in their profile. that there is no way that they would relocate. Limiting yourself, and taking control of your future, by leaving God out of it would be a recipe for disaster. We recommend that you have an open mind, let go of the reigns, and let God set the parameter, and limitations.

Have Patience, Along With Faith; Wait Upon Our Lord

Once you apply, let God connect your spirit with the spirit of your soulmate. As you start communicating with members on the site, say a small prayer before sending, and answering messages. Do not be the one quick to judge a member by race, ethnicity, or picture. Let your heart, and spirit lead your mind, not visa-versa. Don't take more than one or two days to answer the emails you received. Our policy is that all emails should be answered within three days from the date of receipt. Do not give out any personal information, such as your email address, home phone number, or home address. By answering emails through this site, and not through your personal email, will help keep your identity confidential.