To use this dating service, all non-members are required to join to ensure that all marriage minded singles using this service are:

Easy to join! All we ask for you is to fill out our simple registration form. A tour of our dating site will show you how to navigate the site and get started. We've made it very simple to join. We have four affordable packages to choose from. 

Please realize that no one wants to sit at the computer or use their mobile phones to fill out the necessary information, but such information is crucial. On a typical dating site, not through any dating site, you get to see the physical features of a person rather than read and know about the person through their profile. Which do you think is better? Knowing the person before you meet? Or meet before knowing the person? Once we know enough about you through our 125 question questionnaire, we then need to market you among other marriage minded singles. The reality is that online dating on our site means the exposure of what's inside of you - your heart, your soul, your faith, and your yearning for your future soulmate. We are the best site for online dating because we encourage new members to take their time filling out the 125 question questionnaire in the application in full; to portray what truly represents them.

You can then sit back and let God select your soulmate. Try and widen your horizon when it comes to boundaries and limits - look for singles in your area, versus other state or countries,. You can start of as a silver member; check out the site, or select one of our paid membership options and start searching for your soulmate. Please note that with silver membership, you are very limited to how much you can access on the site - just enough to get your feet wet. With a paid membership though, you will be able to communicate with other like minded singles, search for your soulmate, and unlock the full potential of the website. Please review the Membership Package section for more details.

Your personal information is strictly confidential and not given to a third party. We are a Christian organization, and the privacy of our members is our highest priority.