Dating during this pandemic is new territory for everyone. Whether you live with your partner or you're enjoying virtual dates with other singles, having a lively dating life is still possible. The trick is to have tons of exciting activities up your sleeve. So, here is something fun, a date idea that'll keep your love life thriving over lock down. Believe it or not, many childhood activities make top notch date plans! With the world being a bit confusing right now, it's only natural to opt for activities that are more comfortable and less daunting, and date night activities are no different. Next time you have a date coming up, propose a classic childhood activity like painting or coloring, or if you live with your significant other, suggest a blanket for date night! It is silly? Yes! But is it fun? Also getting creative and working together can strengthen your bond and bring you and your date closer.  

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When you're trying to figure out what comes next it can feel a bit like you're stepping into battle, fighting for your heart.

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DatingForMarriage is one of the pioneers of online dating. "Life is a test to determine if we want to be a part of the Kingdom of God more than we want anything else." 

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